Pounds - our history

Back in 1947, the war had been won and it was a time of optimism and change.  During this year, the University of Cambridge voted to allow women to become full students. David Bowie was born. The school leaving age was raised to 15 and Tommy Lawton became Britain’s first £20,000 footballer. Princess Elizabeth announced her engagement to Lt. Philip Mountbatten and the royal wedding of our Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh took place in November 1947. Their wedding remains the oldest surviving telerecording in Britain.

This same year, Arthur Redwood and Walter Skinner opened their first shop in High Street, Ponders End. A single shop unit soon became three shop units and the business expanded.  Under Arthur’s ownership, the shop originally sold black and white TVs, then in the mid-1960s colour TVs became the most wanted item.

Arthur’s son, Geoff Redwood, picked up the reins during the boom of the introduction of colour TVs.  His career saw the swift movement in technology. The introduction of video recorders, compact discs, laser discs, not forgetting Atari games consoles and Technics DJ turntables.  All the time, Geoff was sourcing the latest technology. The shop also expanded into furniture and domestic appliances.  A one-stop shop for the home, which we still offer today.

In the 1980s the third generation came on board. Geoff’s son, Martin, and daughter Maxine joined the family business. Home cinema was the latest and most exciting technology, and following certification by Lucas Film THX "Home Cinema" became an integral offering.  This has evolved over time into smart home automation and has grown into our successful sister company, The London Home Cinema Company.  

What’s next?  The future 4th generation perhaps..